About Us

Our History

High Prairie has a rich history of being the centre for a wide region of the Peace Country and Lesser Slave Lake area. 

We need to work hard keeping existing services, expanding what we have, and attracting new services. 

Our Vision

We can watch other regions grow and say there is nothing that can be done. Or we can go to work bringing new hospital services, new business. and keeping what we already have. 

Join Us

For too long some people have worked at stopping their neighbours from doing well. 

Communities that pull together and work as a team are the ones that succeed. I will work hard bringing all our communities and people together so we can all move forward.

Pillars of Our Community

My Plans are to work together on the Pillars that support our great community and continue to make High Prairie in every way possible a wonderful place to call home. We cannot stay “asleep at the switch.” Leaders must step in and do everything possible to make our home the best it can be.

The status quo is NOT good enough. We NEED to be All In for High Prairie !

Going for Growth

Business and Job Opportunities

Quality Health Care

Great Recreation

A Safe Community

Quality Education

Become An "All In"
Volunteer !

If you too want to go “All In For High Prairie,” or would just like to contribute some of your ideas about moving forward with our great community, contact Barry using the Contact Form on this website.